Unique objects made out of organic forms , from soft edges and indistinct opaque and earthy tones , made thanks to a passionate Excel work in search of harmony, towards the dejection of the environmental impact of its product.

A series of pieces that , almost in defense of the empty banality of the present, seem designed between the past and the future in order to break the flat and equal to what is known .

Built with materials clearly vulnerable to weather and human manipulation ,they are affected by scratches , chippings , dents , gashes, scrapes and other forms of deterioration , as a natural evolutionary process that increases the charm of enriching their history of memories and emotions.

Being exposed to the sun, the wind and the rain, they express discoloration , opacifications , stains/spots , curvatures and cracks as an exaltation of the material’s imperfection.

Deterioration , wear and contamination , enrich the expressiveness; although worn out, fragile , dehydrated or about to dematerialize, they manage to preserve temperament and personality intact.

The objects created by Excel begin their life when someone starts to take care of them; in their evolution the idea of ​​fulfillment is absolutely deprived of any validity .

Eschewing the limitations imposed by time and fashion ,they seem as the perfect interpreters of the Romantic conception of nature and lend themselves beautifully to create environments where one excludes reality and makes room for the imagination, thoughts and visions ..

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